Maxx Contracting
Woodstock Chimney Repairs London Chimeny Brick Restoration
Maxx Contracting has been a serving south western Ontario specializing in restoring older buildings for over 35 years.

Chimney Services Chimney Repointing Brick Cauling
Chimney Brick Repair, Repointing, Woodstock, London, Brantford, Stratford, Caulking, Chimney repairs
Chimney Commercial Contracting Brick repair, Chimney repairs, Caulking Waterproofing Woodstock
Historical Restoration, Brick Repair, Caulking Waterproofing, Woodstock, Brantford, London Chimney
Brick Repointing, Concrete repairs, Concrete, Caulking, Waterproofing Woodstock,  Chimney
Caulking, Waterproofing, Brick Repointing, Chimney Repair, Woodstock, London, Brantford Chimney
Re-Pointing: Woodstock, London, Brantford, Hamilton Kitchener Chimney
Water Proofing: Woodstock Chimney Repair Chimney Services Chimney
Protective Coatings: Chimney London Chimney Woodstock Chimney Brantford
Brick repair and repointing, waterproofing, caulking, chimney repair, industrial, residential, commercial, historical restoration and preservation. Woodstock, Thamesford, Hickson, Innerkip, London, Exeter, Kitchener, Brantford, Stratford, Hamilton, Toronto and surroundings. Brantford Chimney London Chimney Services Woodstock Chimney Chimney cHIMNEY cLEANING
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